Smart City Management

A smart city provides high quality of life to its residents through optimal management of its resources.  With rapid increase in global population challenges are to increase efficiencies and improve quality of life. The city’s assets include schools, libraries, transportation systems, hospitals, power plants and other community services. Smart city manages these assets in a secure fashion and integrate various technological solutions.

PPS energy solution provides consultancy in energy management, usage of renewable energy, water management, installing CCTV cameras in developing the smart cities. PPS energy provides following services:

Energy Management

  • Smart Meters & Management
  • Renewable Sources of Energy
  • Energy Efficient & Green Buildings
  • AMR (Auto Metering Management)
  • AMI (Auto Metering Infrastructure)

Urban Mobility

  • Smart Packing
  • Intelligent Traffic Management
  • Integrated Multi-Modal Transport

Waste Management

  • Waste to Energy & Fuel
  • Waste to Compost
  • Waste Water to be treated
  • Recycling & Reduction of C&D Waste

Water Management

  • Smart meter & Management
  • Leakage Identification, Preventive Maintenance
  • Water Quality Monitoring


  • Tele-Medicine & Tele Education
  • Skill Development Centres


PPS is an ambitious company, established by enterprising engineering professionals in the year 2004. The company offers services pertaining to Energy, Engineering and Architecture to clients across the globe.

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