Energy Audit

The essential foundation required to identify energy saving opportunities is to analyze the current situation. Energy audit is the key to the energy management system. The energy audit is designed to determine why, when, where and how energy is used in the industry.
Need for energy audit:

  • In any industry, energy is one of the operating costs which have highest potential for cost reduction
  • Audit helps to review in variation in energy costs, availability and reliability of energy supply, decision on appropriate for energy mix
  • Energy cost reduction by energy conservation technologies, retrofit for energy conservation equipment etc.

Our certified and experienced auditors systematically collect and analyze the significant energy flows in your facility. The detailed project report provided at the end by our expertise contains the required technical and economical analysis regarding implementing energy saving opportunities with no investment, low investment and investment over a longer period. Furthermore we can also monitor the implementation of the recommended measures.

Benefits of energy audit:

  • Energy cost reduction possible up to 20- 25 % by implementing the recommended measures
  • Reduce GHG and other emissions, maintains the sustainable development
  • Reduce energy imports & improves energy security of Nation

Our Approach & methodology:

  • Data collection
  • ABC analysis
  • Field study and measurement
  • Data collation and analysis
  • Report preparation and submission


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